IT Support Services

Veritas_ManagedIT_IconIT is probably not your core business. You spend so much time taking care of YOUR business that you don’t want to worry about technology. You just want it done and done right. Trying to solve all of your IT challenges yourself is a major distraction and it can have an adverse effect of your main business. More often than not these challenges end up costing way more than what you planned and what it should. If you need help with a special project involving your technology, we’re ready to assist you. We are an affordable technology services company providing assistance and consulting services that will meet any of your short, or long-term IT goals.

Data and Voice Cabling

We have all your cabling projects taken care of whether you are expanding your current office or moving to a new one! We can handle any cable installation no matter if it’s Cat5, Cat 6, coaxial or fiber optic. All cabling is tested, labeled and cleaned up for a professional look at a reasonable cost. Each job is customized to your specifications and needs while optimizing your network configuration. Whether it’s a single drop or a completely new network, we will take care of you!

Sonos Audio Systems

IT_Support2What is Sonos?
Sonos is a smart HiFi wireless speaker and audio component system. It bridges your music in one single app that you can control from any device. Sonos is perfect for your office sound system. Wirelessly play music off a variety of services, including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, tunein, iHeartRADIO, and beatsMUSIC amongst many other internet radio stations. Use your own music library, download the app or the desktop application or connect to your existing TV or speaker system.

IT Project Management

Are your computers or network hardware not meeting the demanding needs of your staff or business management software?
Are you in the pre-planning or construction phase of your new dream office?

Let our team of IT project managers handle your project so that you can focus on what you do best. We have over 10 years of experience helping our customers upgrade their entire IT infrastructure or just one or two workstations.

We are confidently qualified to work with industry leading architects and constructors. Some of our recent projects include a 10,000 square foot early childhood development center and two dual provider dental offices. We leverage our network of hardware and and software vendors to procure top-of-the line products that fit within your budget and needs. Our projects typically run on schedule and at or below budget.

Vendor Management

We know that you have more important things to do than to stay on hold with your practice management software or work with your hosting provider while you are running your business. No more wasted time and hair pulling dealing with time consuming issues. We work on your behalf with your technology vendors to take care of those needs that impact your business.

Why dedicate someone in your office that everyone turns to whenever they have a problem with their technology. Eventually that person gets burnt out and their other job duties suffer because they spend all of their time on the phone dealing with vendors.

You want a central point of contact that can handle all these issues and solve them quickly and the way you need them. We can be that point of contact for your business and free up that staff member. Plus, we speak “tech” so can efficiently work with your vendors.

With our Vendor Management service, we take a physical inventory of all of your hardware and software along with any corresponding licenses, service keys or and serial numbers, keeping them documented for easy access. Since we have this information on hand, we will take the time to handle the relationship with the necessary vendors on your behalf. When we’re done, we will inform you of what was done or what is expected to be done in real time.

Don’t let IT be the headache you don’t need. It’s too essential to your business. Let us take care of it.